Youth Ski Trip

Youth Ski Trip

Youth Ski Trip Feb 21-24, 2019

The Ski trip this year is going to be great!  We will leave on Thursday, Feb 21st at 5:00pm for a slope side condo at the top of Snowshoe Mtn.  We will return on Sunday, Feb 24th around 4pm, but we will call as we get close to Lenoir.  Please arrive on Thursday in time to pack your gear into the vehicles.  If you need a lift that afternoon, please let me know so that we can arrange for it. We will also need parents with 4wd who can drive on this trip. We can’t make it in the bus or 2wd cars.

All of your meals will be covered on this trip, but as always you might want to bring a little spending money with you.  I also need a permission slip (standard youth permission form) signed and returned for each  person before we leave for the trip.  There is a $50 deposit and the final payment is due before we leave for the trip.

Questions? Give me a call at 754-4922(w) or 638-8489(c) – Aaron Horn

$230 students w/ rentals, $200 student w/o rentals, $150 adults

Ski Trip Application

Youth Group Release Form


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