Way of Prayer Bible Study

Way of Prayer Bible Study

The Way of Prayer expands on our knowledge of prayer through a ten-week exploration of different forms of prayer practices. Through this exploration, small-group members embark on a journey of genuine discovery–the discovery of different dimensions of God’s grace and love. Prayer is explored through music, dance, gazing, silence, or acts of service. The Way of Prayer teaches us how to respond to God’s invitation into the divine Presence, and it brings a deeper sense of spiritual vitality and encouragement to seek out new ways to pray. Following a preparatory meeting, the weekly explorations include:
How do you Pray?
Images of God?
Praying by Heart
Praying with Music
Praying by Gazing
Praying with Our Bodies
Scriptural Prayer
Contemplative Prayer
Praying with and for Others
Prayer and Social Transformation

QUOTE: All prayer begins with God. The Creator does not wait passively for us to come with our prayers; rather, our prayers are a response to God’s call to us. God was with us in infancy calling forth our response to divine love. (p.13)

This Bible Study will be held on Tuesday’s from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in the Genesis Classroom on the 3rd floor. Please let Zach or Rebecca Pipkins know if you would like to participate. The cost for each book will be $10 and the Bible Study will start on January 22.


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