Youth Group

Youth Group

Fun, Fellowship & Faith

I don’t know how we could have a better Youth Group. The people are fun, they have great fellowship and they really know how to express their faith. Plus, they have about the best youth leader possible in Aaron Horn.


Aaron recently took the group on a mission trip to Alaska, to work on a totem pole park in Klawock. It was to be a memorial park for Native-Alaskan vets. What the kids demonstrated up there was what people around here have been noticing for a long time now – these kids know how to work. That’s got a lot to do with how they’ve been raised, but also a lot to do with Aaron’s leadership. It also says a lot about their faith.

Like I said, great parenting – leading by example. How many churches can boast that?


These kids know how to work hard and play hard.


And eat hard.


They know how to be together…


… and they know how to be alone with God.


It’s a great group. Come join us! We meet on Sunday mornings at 10 above the Christian Life Center (CLC), and on Sunday evenings at 6 in the Staples Center, which is next to the CLC. Come at 5 if you’d like to play some pick-up basketball. Contact Aaron Horn at for more details.

Come join us!